Oscillating Multi Tool Swing Diamond Oscillating Tile Tool Saw Blades for Grout Mortar Cutting Removal

▪ Material : Diamond
▪ Color : Silver
▪ For Grit Grout Removal
▪ Size : 2-1/4in×3in(L×W)
▪ The swing design allows for easy access into tight spaces


【Diamond Grit Technology】Our oscillating diamond saw blade features advanced diamond grit technology, resulting in exceptional wear resistance and durability. With high-temperature quenching, the diamond edge is strengthened to provide a cutting tool that outlasts carbide grit blades by up to 5 times in tough applications.

【Precise & Clean Cut】Achieve precise and clean cuts with our diamond oscillating saw blade. The diamond grit edge has a kerf of approximately 0.09 inch (2.2 mm), ensuring a clean and accurate cutting effect. This blade is particularly suitable for precise cutting, short cuts, and working in corners and on edges with utmost precision.

【Unique Design】Designed with a flat side swing design, our oscillating diamond blade allows easy access to tight spaces such as corners. This design feature makes it effortless to replace tiles and ensures smooth and efficient operation.

【Cutting Material】Our diamond oscillating multi-tool blade is specifically designed for the removal of defective tile grout, cleaning up mortar, plaster, and porous concrete surfaces. It is perfect for cleaning and reworking planked deck joints, ensuring a professional finish.

【Wide Applications】The versatility of JOHNSON oscillating diamond saw blades makes them suitable for various applications. They are ideal for bathroom renovation projects, flooring work, trimming and correcting tasks, removing grout or grits, prepping mortar surfaces before fixing, and a range of household maintenance jobs around the house.

With our diamond oscillating saw blade, you can achieve precise, clean cuts and enhance your efficiency in a wide range of applications. Trust in the superior performance and longevity of our diamond grit blade for outstanding results in your projects.

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