7 inch 180mm concrete grinder, diamond grinding wheel

Outer Diameter: 7 inch / 180mm

Technology: Silver Brazed

Hole:  5/8″-11thread  or 22.23mm

Diamond Grit: 16/18, 30/40, 40/50, 60/80, 80/120

Cutting Materials: Concrete

Brand:  Johnson Tools / OEM as your request logo

Weight:  1.2kg/pcs  with 5/8″-11,   0.95kg/pcs with 22.23mm hole

Package: While box, Blister Box or Colored box.

Machinery: Angle Grinder/Handheld Grinder, Floor Grinder to grind, polish, and repair concrete surfaces.


The 7″ silver-brazed metal bond grinding wheel is specifically designed for grinding concrete floors, offering exceptional performance in a wide range of application scenarios. Its primary purpose is to prepare concrete surfaces for subsequent processes, such as polishing or coating applications.

This grinding wheel excels in various application scenarios, including surface leveling, smoothing uneven surfaces, removing coatings, and exposing aggregate. It is widely used in industrial settings, commercial spaces, and residential projects where concrete floors require renovation, refurbishment, or maintenance. Whether it’s a warehouse, retail store, office building, or residential garage, the 7″ grinding wheel is an essential tool for concrete floor contractors and professionals.

The manufacturing process of this grinding wheel involves the silver brazing technique, which ensures a robust bond between the metal segments and the wheel body. The silver brazed bond enhances the wheel’s durability and reliability, allowing it to withstand the demands of aggressive grinding tasks. This bond also minimizes the risk of segment loss during prolonged use, ensuring operator safety and prolonging the wheel’s lifespan.

The carefully designed bond matrix of the wheel strikes a balance between hardness and wear resistance, enabling it to efficiently remove concrete material while minimizing heat generation. This is crucial in preventing potential damage to the floor and maintaining a consistent grinding performance throughout the process.

Embedded within the segments are diamond particles that are evenly distributed to ensure uniform cutting efficiency. These high-quality diamond particles provide superior grinding results by effectively grinding down the concrete surface, exposing the desired aggregate, and achieving the desired level of smoothness.

During the manufacturing process, great attention is given to segment alignment to ensure precise and consistent grinding results. The balanced wheel construction minimizes vibration, resulting in improved operator comfort and reduced fatigue during extended grinding operations.

In summary, the 7″ silver-brazed metal bond grinding wheel for concrete floor grinding offers exceptional performance and durability in a variety of application scenarios. Its silver brazed bond, carefully designed bond matrix, and evenly distributed diamond particles make it a reliable tool for concrete floor contractors and professionals. With this grinding wheel, you can achieve outstanding results in preparing concrete surfaces for polishing, coating, or simply enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the floor.

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