5 inch Laser welded General Purpose diamond saw cutting

Outer Diameter: 5 inch / 125mm

Technology: Laser welded Saw Blade

Segment Type: Turbo type, fast cutting.

Segment Thickness: 2.2mm

Segment Height: 10mm

Center Hole: 22.23mm

Cutting Materials: Concrete, Brick, Granite, Stone, etc.

Brand:  Johnson Tools / OEM as your request logo

Color: Clear color or Others as your request

Package: While box, Blister Box, Colored box each blade.  100pcs/ctn. 26x26x14cm/ctn. 15kg/ctn

Machinery: Used with handheld angle grinders or electric cut-off machines




Other size in this series diamond concrete cutting disc, turbo segment type.

OD mm Seg.L Seg.T Seg.H Seg.No. Hole
115 31.5 2.2 10 8 20
115 31.5 2.2 12 8 20
125 31.5 2.2 10 9 20
125 31.5 2.2 12 9 20
180 32 2.4 10 14 22.23
180 32 2.4 12 14 22.23
230 37 2.6 10 16 22.23
230 37 2.6 12 16 22.23

This concrete cutting blade for angle grinders is the best choice for cutting concrete and stands out as one of the top-performing products in the market. The steel discs, serving as the core of the blade, are manufactured by the largest factory in China using 30CrMo material. The diamond segments are sourced from the best manufacturers in the country, ensuring the highest level of strength and cutting performance. The blade is assembled using an advanced automated laser welding process, guaranteeing a strong bond between the cutting segments and the steel discs.

Specifically designed for use with angle grinders, which are handheld electric tools known for their high rotational speeds and exceptional cutting capabilities, this blade delivers precise and efficient cutting performance. Whether used in construction sites or other concrete cutting applications, it consistently achieves excellent results.

With a diameter of 115mm, this blade is well-suited for a wide range of cutting tasks, including concrete pipes, stone materials, and tiles. It is also highly effective in making precise cuts in narrow slits or grooves in concrete structures for pipe and wire installations.

Please ensure to follow relevant safety procedures and use appropriate protective equipment such as goggles and gloves when using this blade. These precautions will ensure both safety and optimal cutting performance during your work.

In summary, this concrete cutting blade, featuring steel discs made from 30CrMo material produced by the largest factory in China and diamond segments sourced from top-tier domestic manufacturers, is the best choice for cutting concrete. Its exceptional performance and high-quality materials provide precise, efficient, and safe cutting experiences.

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