120mm 125mm 130mm 160mm floor heating cutting diamond grooving blade tuck point blade, 16/17mm thickness

Outer Diameter: 120mm 125mm 130mm 160mm

Technology: Laser welded Saw Blade

Segment Thickness: 16/17mm

Segment Height:  10mm/12mm

Cutting Materials: No.1 Medium Hard Concrete. No.2 Hard Concrete, No.3 Extra Hard Concrete. No.4 Soft abrasive concrete. No.5 High abrasive concrete.

Brand:  Johnson Tools / OEM as your request logo

Color: No.1: Black. No.2: Orange. No.3: White. No.4: Yellow. No.5: Green

Package: 120/125/130mm: 5pcs per ctn. 160mm: 10pcs per ctn.

Fixed Machinery: Floor hot heating cutting machine.



These products are primarily used for underfloor heating grooving and are available in main sizes of 120mm, 125mm, 130mm, and 160mm. They are predominantly sold in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Iceland, etc.


Details information:

1. All discs are laser welded, ensuring high welding strength. The steel discs are sourced from the largest steel disc factory in China, guaranteeing superior quality due to the use of high-strength diamond powder.

2. The formula for our discs varies across five types, each designed for specific applications: No.1 Medium Hard Concrete, No.2 Hard Concrete, No.3 Extra   Hard Concrete, No.4 Soft Abrasive Concrete, and No.5 High Abrasive Concrete.

3.Each type is distinguished by a specific color: No.1 is black, No.2 is orange, No.3 is white, No.4 is yellow, and No.5 is green.

4.Estimated delivery time is 25-35 days.

5.For sample orders, a minimum quantity of 10 pieces per item is required. For formal orders, a minimum quantity of 50 pieces per item is required.





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