35x40mm HCS Oscillating Multitool Blades for wood

Whether you are a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, having a collection of oscillating tool blades, including HCS oscillating blades, in your toolkit allows you to tackle a wide range of cutting tasks with ease and precision. These blades are essential attachments for oscillating tools, offering versatility and convenience in various construction, renovation, and woodworking projects.

Product Attribute Details Description
Product Type Oscillating Multitool Blades
Size 35x40mm
Material HCS (High Carbon Steel)
Suitable Materials Wood, Plastic, Metal, Drywall
Function Designed for hard wood, soft wood, and other wood materials – even with nails. Also suitable for metal, plastics, and drywall.
Cutting Speed Offset design for high cutting speed
Durability Extremely durable and robust
Compatibility Fits various multitool machines such as Bosch, Fein, Dremel, Makita, Milwaukee, Einhell, Skil, etc.
Applications Wood cutting, drywall cutting, soft plastic cutting, etc.
Performance High cutting speed and precision due to sharpened teeth
Manufacturer Johnsontools
Key Features Produces clean, chip-free cuts


The 35x40mm HCS Oscillating Multitool Blades for wood offered by Johnsontools are versatile cutting accessories designed specifically for wood and plastic materials. These blades are compatible with oscillating tools and provide excellent performance and precision in various applications.

With their 35x40mm size, these HCS oscillating multitool blades are ideal for cutting both hard and soft woods, including woods with embedded nails. They are also suitable for cutting other materials such as metal, plastics, and drywall, making them a versatile choice for a range of projects.

The offset design of these blades ensures high cutting speed, allowing for efficient and quick cuts. They are highly durable and robust, capable of withstanding demanding cutting tasks without compromising performance.

Compatible with a wide range of multitool machines, including popular brands like Bosch, Fein, Dremel, Makita, Milwaukee, Einhell, and Skil, these blades offer universal compatibility and can be easily fitted to your preferred multitool.

When you choose Johnsontools, you can expect a wide selection of oscillating tool blades for various multitool and multifunction power tool applications. These blades feature sharpened teeth that enable high cutting speed and precision, allowing you to achieve clean and accurate cuts in wood, drywall, and soft plastics.

As a recognized leader in saw blade manufacturing, Johnsontools is known for producing industrial-quality blades. Their commitment to quality ensures that their saw blades deliver clean, chip-free cuts consistently.

If you’re looking for the best oscillating tool blades or best multi tool blades for wood cutting, the 35x40mm HCS Oscillating Multitool Blades from Johnsontools are an excellent choice. These blades offer high cutting speed and precision, making them ideal for a variety of woodworking applications. Experience the reliability and performance of these HCS oscillating blades and achieve professional-quality results in your woodworking projects.

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