4″ Concrete Grinding Wheel for Wall Grinding

Product Name 4-Inch Concrete Grinding Wheel
Size 4 inches (approximately 100mm)
Suitable Materials Concrete, stone, etc.
Construction Diamond particles bonded to wheel
Grit Size Varies, depending on requirements
Usage Dry or wet grinding
Compatible Tools Angle grinders, handheld power tools, etc.
Applications Wall grinding, floor leveling, countertop repair, etc.
Features Efficient grinding, durability, wear resistance
Recommended RPM Adjust based on specific grinding needs
Packaging Quantity 1 piece per package


Featuring a 100mm diamond disc, this grinding wheel delivers exceptional cutting power and durability. The diamond particles are carefully selected and bonded onto the disc, ensuring long-lasting performance and consistent grinding results. It is suitable for tackling various concrete surfaces, including walls, floors, and countertops.

The 4″ Concrete Grinding Wheel is designed to effectively remove imperfections, coatings, and roughness from concrete surfaces, resulting in a smooth and even finish. Its robust construction and diamond-embedded design provide excellent durability and extended wheel life, allowing for continuous and efficient grinding.

This versatile grinding wheel can be used with standard angle grinders and other compatible power tools. Its 4-inch size makes it easy to handle and maneuver, enabling precise grinding even in tight spaces and corners. It is an ideal choice for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts working on concrete renovation or construction projects.

Please note that specific product specifications, such as the grit size and bond type, may vary depending on the particular 4″ Concrete Grinding Wheel model. For further information and to ensure the right fit for your needs, please refer to the product details and specifications provided by Johnson Tools.

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