6″150mm Early Entry Diamond Green Concrete Saw Blades For Green Concrete

This blade was used on a soft-cut 150 machine for green concrete. For cutting ultra hard aggregate, hard aggregate, medium to hard aggregate materials.

1. High Diamond Concentration Bond
2. No Chipping or Spaulding
3. HIGH quality long life span
4.1″ Arbor with Standard Triangle Arbor
5. Smooth and Fast Cutting
6. Sold to thousands of contractors across the globe
7. Laser welding soff uct, no concrete chipping, no concrete spaling and now saw vibration.

1. Diameter: 6″ (150mm)
2. Segment size: 2.4mm thickness x 10mm height.
3. Inner hole: speical triangular arbor.
4. Slot: Narrow U slot.


Early Entry Diamond Blade is a new style for cutting expansion joints after pouring concrete slabs, best solutions for prevent the risk of radom cracking. (within 72 hours of pouring concrete slabs).
The worker can pour the concrete and cutting it in the same day, saves labor cost and speed up the lead time for project.
The straight, shallow cuts produce nice, sharp edges and a great looking result.

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