Electroplated Diamond tungsten carbide band saw sharpening cutting tool CBN polish abrasive grinder grinding wheel


Popular Specification
5″x7/8″x1/2″ 127×22.23×12.7mm Grit: B126

6″x7/8″x1/2″ 150×22.23×12.7mm

Grit: B126
8″x7/8″x1-1/4″ 127×22.23×12.7mm Grit: B126
Suitable Grinders & Sharpenars
Timber Wolf
Suitable Band Saw Blades Profile
10/30, 9/29, 4/32, 13/29, 7/34
Suitable Products
Band saw
Band saw blades
Band saw mill



Electroplated CBN band saw sharpening wheel is coated with CBN(Cubic Boron Nitride) on steel body,specially for band saw sharpening of any type. Electroplated cbn band saw sharpening wheel achieves superior performance, gives high quality finish. These wheels are perfect choice to grind band saws.

1. Quickly grind band saw blades with precise contours and excellent finish
2. Longer life than traditional grinding wheels
3. Cost-effective: unit cost is much lower.
4. No contour loss during the grinding process, no need for trimming
5. The wheel core can be recycled and reused to reduce waste

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