Oscillating tool drywall blade

Attribute Oscillating Tool Drywall Blade
Blade Type Drywall Blade
Compatibility Oscillation Tools
Blade Size 3.25″ L x 2″ W
Cutting Function Straight and Curved Cuts
Plunge Cutting Yes (No pilot hole needed)
Material High-quality Steel
Blade Thickness Standard
Application Drywall, Electrical Boxes, Recessed Lighting, Carpet, Linoleum
Versatility Yes
Ease of Use Easy to attach and detach
Durability Long-lasting
Safety Follow proper safety precautions
Manufacturer’s Warranty N/A
Package Contents 1 Oscillating Tool Drywall Blade


The Oscillating Tool Drywall Blade is a versatile and efficient accessory that provides a solution for cutting drywall with ease. Whether you need to make straight cuts or curved cuts, this blade is designed to deliver excellent results. With its sharpened tip, you can effortlessly perform plunge cuts without the need for a pilot hole, saving you time and effort.

Measuring 3.25″ in length and 2″ in width, this drywall blade is the perfect size for cutting out electrical boxes and recessed lighting with precision. Its sharp cutting edge ensures clean and accurate cuts, allowing you to achieve professional-looking results.

The Oscillating Tool Drywall Blade is not limited to drywall cutting alone. It is also a valuable tool for removing carpet and cutting through linoleum. Its versatility makes it an essential accessory for any DIY enthusiast or professional contractor.

Compatible with various oscillation tools, this drywall blade is an ideal multi-tool accessory. It seamlessly attaches to your oscillating tool, providing a secure and stable connection for efficient cutting performance. The high-quality construction of the blade ensures durability and long-lasting use, allowing you to tackle multiple projects without worrying about premature wear.

Whether you are a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, the Oscillating Tool Drywall Blade is a reliable and convenient tool for your cutting needs. Experience the ease and precision it offers, and achieve flawless results in your drywall projects and more.

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