laser welding 14 inch concrete saw blade

Specification Value
Blade Diameter 14 inches (350 mm)
Arbor Size 1 inch (25.4 mm)
Segment Height Varies (typically 10 mm, 12 mm, or 15 mm)
Segment Type Continuous rim or segmented
Application Concrete, masonry, and similar materials
Compatibility Circular saws or concrete saws with a 1-inch arbor
Cutting Method Dry or wet cutting
Diamond Quality High-quality diamonds
Construction Laser welded segments
Usage Professional contractors, construction sites, concrete cutting applications
Safety Precautions Follow safety guidelines, wear appropriate protective gear


With its laser-welded construction, this blade offers superior strength and stability during cutting. The diamond segments are securely bonded to the steel core, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding cutting conditions. Whether you’re working on concrete slabs, sidewalks, or masonry blocks, this blade will provide reliable and consistent cutting performance.

The 14-inch diameter and 1-inch arbor size make it compatible with most circular saws, offering versatility and ease of use. The diamond segments are expertly designed to provide fast and efficient cutting, allowing you to complete your projects with speed and accuracy.

Equipped with high-quality diamonds, this blade delivers exceptional hardness and wear resistance, ensuring extended blade life and reducing the need for frequent replacements. Its optimized cutting geometry and precise laser welding result in clean and precise cuts, minimizing chipping and ensuring smooth edges.

Safety is paramount, and this 14-inch concrete saw blade adheres to strict industry standards. Always use proper protective gear and follow safety guidelines when operating the saw.

For contractors and professionals who demand the best, our laser-welded 14-inch concrete saw blade is the ideal choice. Its exceptional cutting performance, durability, and precision make it a reliable tool for a wide range of concrete and masonry cutting applications.

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