14″ Ring Saw Blades for Hard/Reinforced Concrete, Precast Panels or Hard Stones cutting

Field Details
Segment Thickness 4.1mm
Segment Width 10mm
Arbor Size 288mm
Teeth 18nos
Blade Diameter 350mm
Process Type Laser welded saw blade
Place of Origin Jiangsu, China
Brand Name Johnson Tools
Product Name 14-inch diamond ring saw blade
Segment Specification 40×4.1x10mmx18T
Application Concrete, reinforced concrete, and bricks
MOQ 5pcs
Segment Type Normal
Color Clear color or as per your request
Service After-sale Service
Package White paper box
Machine Suitable for Husqvarna



Best Sell 14Inch Diamond Ring Saw Blade Hard Held Cutter for Dry Cutting Concrete Reinforced Concrete Brick

  1. Available with or without drive wheel: The 14-inch diamond ring saw blade by Johnson Tools provides the convenience of choosing between using it with or without a drive wheel. This versatility allows users to adapt the blade to different cutting applications based on their specific needs and equipment setup.
  2. Custom wet bond specifications available: Johnson Tools offers the option to customize the wet bond specifications of the diamond ring saw blade. This allows users to tailor the blade’s bonding characteristics to suit their specific cutting requirements, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
  3. Offers a 10” cutting depth: With a cutting depth of up to 10 inches, the 14-inch diamond ring saw blade by Johnson Tools enables users to make deep cuts with precision and efficiency. This cutting depth makes it suitable for various applications that require a significant depth of cut, providing versatility in handling different materials and projects.
  4. Use for pre-cutting or following chain cutting: The diamond ring saw blade is designed to be used for both pre-cutting and following chain cutting tasks. Whether you need to make initial cuts or follow the path created by a chain saw, this blade allows for seamless transitions and accurate cutting, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.
  5. For use on competition-style ring saws: Johnson Tools’ diamond ring saw blade is specifically designed for use on competition-style ring saws. Engineered to meet the demands of professional users, this blade delivers exceptional performance and durability, making it an ideal choice for those working with competition-style ring saws.

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