32 Piece Metal Wood cutting Saw Blades Reciprocating Pruner Saw Blade Set

Attribute Value
Saw Blade Type Reciprocating Saw Blades
Material Cr-V Steel, Bi-Metal
Cutting Thickness Wood: 20-175mm, Metal: 0.7-8mm, Pipes/Profiles: 5-100mm
Teeth Per Inch 6TPI, 8TPI, 3TPI (Wood Blades); 14TPI, 18TPI, 24TPI (Metal Blades)
Application Nail-Free Coarse/Fuel Wood Cutting, Branch Cutting, Metal Cutting, Plastic Cutting, Drywall Cutting
Compatibility Compatible with all reciprocating saw brands
Set Includes 2x 4″ Thin Metal Blades 24 TPI, 4x 6″ Thick Metal Blades 14 TPI, 2x 6″ Thin Metal Blades 18 TPI, 2x 6″ Thin Metal Blades 24 TPI, 8x 6″ Wood Blades 6TPI, 8x 6″ Wood Blades 8TPI, 3x 9″ Wood Blades 6TPI, 2x 9″ Wood Blades 3TPI, 1x 9″ Pruner/Wet Wood Saw Blade 5TPI
Rust and Corrosion Resistance Yes
Cutting Efficiency Fast, Precise, and Smooth Cutting
Chip Removal Design Ground Sharp Design, Grinding Teeth, Dividing Teeth
Multi-Purpose Assorted Blades Suitable for Wood Pruning, Demolition, Metal, Plastic, Pipe Cutting
Bi-Metal Technology Provides Up to Four Times Longer Life Than Standard Blades


Crafted with Precision: The wood cutting saw blades are constructed from durable Cr-V steel, perfect for cutting coarse/fuel wood with a thickness range of 20-175mm, and they are nail-free for smooth operation. The pruning saw blade is ideal for cutting branches with a diameter less than 180mm. For metal cutting, the blades are made of Bi-material, designed to effortlessly cut metal with a thickness of 0.7-8mm, as well as pipes/profiles with a diameter of 5-100mm.

Versatile and Compatible: Compatible with all reciprocating saw brands, this combination set provides a selection of blades suitable for various applications. From metal and wood to plastic and drywall, these blades are your go-to solution for all cutting tasks.

Superior Performance: The blades in this set are engineered for maximum performance in nail-embedded wood and metal cutting/demolition applications. The Bi-Metal technology employed in these high-performance blades ensures up to four times longer life than standard blades, providing exceptional durability.

Effortless Cutting Experience: With a kerf of approximately 1/16 inch (1.6mm) for the diamond cutting edge, you can achieve precise and clean cuts effortlessly. The ground sharp design facilitates fast chip removal and improves cutting efficiency, making pruning, wood cutting, or metal cutting a breeze.

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