Manufacturer 88mm semi circular half moon HCS oscillating multi blade for wood and plastic

Attribute Details
Size88 88mm, 3-1/2 inches
Suitable Materials Wood and Plastic.
Compatible Tools Oscillating Multi Tools
Logo Can do as your special request, FREE.
Packing Color box or Plastic box.
Application Cutting Wood and Plastic.
Features Diamond Coating, Durable, Efficient
Type semicircle wood/plastic saw blades




Manufacturer 88mm semicircular half moon HCS oscillating multi blade for plastic

ACHIEVE PERFECTLY PRECISE PLUNGE AND FLUSH CUTS – Offering a cutting depth of 40mm and cutting width of 88mm, these oscillating multi tool blades feature the same future-proof ‘cake-tin’ pattern as OEM branded blades for a highly secure 3D connection between the motor and accessory, ensuring 100% power transfer for maximum performance, stability and even greater precision.

88mm, other size: 10/20x40mm,32/35x40mm, 45x40mm, 65x40mm, 100mm
High Speed Steel with High Carbon Steel
Teeth Type
Normal Teeth
Quick release Connection/Closed Connection
For cutting wood, plastic.


88mm   multi tool tile blade:

  • Logo can do as your special request, FREE.
  • Packing design can do as your special request, FREE

Cutting materials: 88mm  multi tool tile blade, Cutting Plastic and wood.

  • Universal quick release system
  • Universal quick release saw blades can be used on numerous oscillating tools


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