High Quality 45mm Carbide titanium Coated Oscillating Saw Blades Multitool Blades for Cutting Wood Bolt Screw Nail


Materials High carbon steel
Connection Quick release (Open Connection)
Package Plastic box
Other size 32mm, 45mm, 65mm and 88mm are available,or do as your request.


Titanium Coated Bi-Metal Blade is our longest lasting Universal cutter.
With this long lasting titanium blade you can cut down almost anything, from nail embedded wood framing to steel screws and bolts.
The 45mm width of this blade is ideal for maintaining cutting contact as you cut through fiberglass, PVC, copper pipes, metal mesh and thin sheet metal.
The Titanium coating is applied in extreme high heat for long lasting robust protection of your cutting teeth. .
Reduced shank makes easier curve cutting and clears wood chips faster for less burning and stalling.
The universal quick fit works with Fein Multimaster, Bosch, and other multi-function power tools, allowing these multi-function tools to help carry out many more projects around the home and workshop.

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