OD32-750mm Diamond Core Drilling Bits for Concrete

Attribute Description
Usage Wet Use
Processing Technology Laser Welded
Applications Concrete / Reinforced Concrete
Segment Type Normal / Turbo / Mesh Turbo Segment
Compatibility Hand drill and core drilling machine
Customizable Size Available in various sizes, can be customized to meet specific requirements
Construction Drill Bits Suitable for drilling concrete, brick, block, pavers, and asphalt
Premium Grade High-quality core bits for fast drilling speed and extended product life
Wet or Dry Application Can be used for both wet and dry drilling applications
Production Customization Manufactured according to customer specifications


Key Features:

Versatile Use: Perfect for drilling into concrete, brick walls, and other masonry materials.
Reliable Performance: Constructed with premium-grade materials, these drill bits deliver outstanding drilling speed and longevity.
Precision Core Drilling: Designed for creating clean and precise holes in concrete surfaces.
Wide Compatibility: Suitable for use with various drilling tools such as rotary hammers and drill presses.
Easy Operation: The efficient design ensures smooth and effortless drilling, reducing operator fatigue.
Diamond Coating: The diamond-infused segments provide exceptional hardness and wear resistance for extended lifespan.
Multiple Sizes Available: Choose from a range of sizes to meet your specific drilling needs.
Superior Results: These diamond core bits offer efficient and accurate drilling, leaving behind professional-quality holes.

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