Best quality 1300mm Prestressed Concrete Saw Blades

Outer Diameter: 52inch / 1100mm,

Technology: Laser welded Saw Blade

Segment Thickness: 8.0mm

Segment Height:  12mm

Center Hole:  60mm, Other arbor sizes or extra holes under demand, will successfully do the holes according to your cutting machine type.

Steel core type:  Standard, Silent type.

Cutting Materials: Cutting Hollow core PSC slabs, beams and precast railway sleepers.

Brand:  Johnson Tools / OEM as your request logo

Color: Clear or Others as your request

Package:  5pcs/Three plywood packaging.

Machinery: Elematic, Nordimpianti,  Levanto, Ultraspan, Xtec, Echo, Tecnospan.

Other spec.: 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1100mm, 1200mm, 1300mm, 1400mm, 1500mm,

Fast cutting, Long lifespan, You best choice. Laser welded up to 1500mm. With 5-9mm segment thickness.



Details Spec. which we do as below:

 OD Seg.L Seg.T Seg.H Seg.No. Hole
24″/600 40 5 12 42 60
28″/700 40 6.5 12 50 60
32″/800 40 6.5 12 57 60
36″/900 40 6.5 12 64 60
40″/1000 40 7 12 70 60
44″/1100 40 7.5 12 74 60
48″/1200 40 8 12 80 60
52″/1300 40 8 12 88 60
56″/1400 40 9 12 95 60
60″/1500 40 9 12 100 60

Special thickness which you request, we can also do.


This laser welded precast hollow core slab cutting diamond saw blade is specifically designed for cutting prestressed concrete slabs and prestressed sleepers. Its innovative manufacturing process and exceptional performance make it a standout in the industry.

We employ advanced laser welding technology to ensure a strong bond between the diamond segments and the saw blade core, resulting in a more durable and stable cutting performance. This process guarantees high strength and wear resistance, allowing the blade to maintain excellent cutting capabilities even under prolonged and high-load usage conditions.

The blade features an outer diameter of 36 inches (900mm), suitable for various sizes of precast hollow core slabs and sleepers. With a segment thickness of 6.5mm and a segment height of 12mm, it enables quick and precise material cutting, thereby improving work efficiency.

Our blade has a center hole diameter of 60mm and can be customized to accommodate other arbor sizes or additional holes as per requirements. This flexibility makes it compatible with different models of machinery, such as Elematic, Nordimpianti, Levanto, Ultraspan, Xtec, Echo, and Tecnospan.

We offer the option of a clear or other color blade and package it with three-plywood packaging, containing 5 blades per package, to ensure safety during transportation and storage.

In summary, this laser welded precast hollow core slab cutting diamond saw blade exhibits outstanding cutting performance, durability, and flexibility. It is an ideal choice for cutting prestressed concrete slabs and sleepers, delivering excellent results in both the precast concrete industry and railway construction.


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