10 inch diamond grooving sawing blade

Outer Diameter: 10 inch /255mm or 266mm

Technology: Laser welded Saw Blade

Segment Thickness: 2.4mm / 2.6mm

Segment Height: 10mm

Cutting Materials: Removing of concrete, asphalt, stone or other hard materials

Brand:  Johnson Tools / OEM as your request logo

Color: Green, Blue, Red color

Package: While box, Blister Box, Colored box each blade.  50pcs/ctn.

Machinery: Blastrac, Contec, etc.

Removing of coatings, epoxies, glue residues, road markings, etc.
Levelling of uneven concrete floors
Removing of concrete, asphalt, stone or other hard materials



Segment Number Hole
256 2.4 10 17 OD42
266 2.6 10 18 OD42


Wide ranging applications include removal of concrete, asphalt, costings and road markings. Bump cutting or floor leveling, expansion joint reconstruction, shaving and farm yard.

The engraved Blade is generally used in the construction of airport apron, concrete bridge deck, internal roads of factories, etc. The depth of cut is conventional 1-1.5cm, the spacing between saw blades is 1.5-2cm, usually the number is usually dozens to hundreds of pieces per group. Relevant engravings are made on the cement surface to prevent slippage, control the speed of the vehicle, and require low-speed passage.

The removal blade is used for road surface renovation and maintenance, dozens to hundreds of pieces in a group, and the gap between the saw blades is only a few millimeters 1.5-3mm, which is used to grind the concrete surface. Cut depth is generally 1-1.5CM.


  • GREEN Color: For Universal Concrete Floors.
  • BLUE Color : For soft concrete floors.
  • RED Color: For hard concrete floors.




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