3/4 inch Tile Milling Bit Diamond Coated Finger Bit for Enlarge Shape Holes

3/4 inch (20mm)
Workable Length
2 inch (50mm)
5/8″-11 Thread
5/8″-11 Thread x 3/8″ Hex Shank
Total Length
2-1/2 inch (65mm)
Enlarge, shape and round bevel existing holes
Porcelain Ceramic Marble Granite Tile Countertop
Vacuum Brazed
High efficient working performance
Used on angle grinder, If you fit them on drill or other machine, we can provide an adapter, such as SDS, hex, Round plus shank…
Recommend Speed



【Functions】: With our diamond finger bit, you can easily enlarge, shape, or round existing holes to create perfect smooth holes in different sizes.
【Applicable materials】: This 3/4″ finger bit is suitable for shaping holes on porcelain hard ceramic marble granite tiles and other natural stones; fit both dry and wet applications
【Easy to Operate】: Our 3/4″ finger bit (20mm) work with standard grinders with 5/8 inch-11 thread; there is a 5/8-11 Thread to 3/8″ Hex Shank adapter included, so it will also work with most electric drills.
【Features】: Vacuum brazed diamonds coating covers all top and sides of the finger bit, ensuring high efficient working performance in your job. It can work wet or dry to meet all needs in different environment.
【Recommendation】: For the best durability, we recommend only use this diamond finger bit to enlarge, shape, or round predrilled holes; and an RPM between 6000 to 11000 for optimal performance.

This is not a core bit for drilling. It doesn’t make holes but it bevels the hole cleaning and reinforcing the borders when the borders are chipped or need to be clean.

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