4.5″ turbo segment diamond saw blade marble disc stone cutting grinder blade

4inch-13.5inch, (105/115/125/150/180/200/230/250/300/350mm)
Segment Thickness
Segment Type
Turbo Segment, We can also provide Normal Segment, Continue Rim Segment, X Mesh Turbo Segment
Cutting marble, granite, natural and artificial stone, concrete, reinforced concrete, building materials, bricks, drywall
Hot pressed sintered diamond turbo diamond saw blade is widely used in cutting granite, marble, concrete and other stone material.
Fast cutting, no chipping. Apply to wet cutting, generally cuts a variety of tile including marble, granite, stone, concrete. May also be used as a fast way to remove grout.



1. Belong to diamond saw blade. it is a kind of sintered saw blade &diamond disc
2. Suitable for cutting various building materials, ceramics, roof tiles, porcelain, limestone, sandstone, marble, granite,concrete, bricks, etc
3. With good performance and low cost

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