35 PCS Oscillating Multi tool Saw Blades Premium Multitool Blades Kit for Wood Metal Plastics Cutting

This kit including 5 different specifications of saw blades.
The optimal collocation scheme, and multiple combinations make the job easier. Excellent quality and the best possible matching for the job, it will be your right-hand man!
Product name
35 PCS Oscillating Saw Blades, Premium Multitool Blades Kit for Wood Metal Plastics
Set including
18 PCS 1-3/8” Wood and Plastic Saw Blades 
4 PCS 1-3/8” Bi-Matel Wood Plastic and Metal Saw Blades 
PCS 1-3/4” Wood and Plastic Saw Blades 
2 PCS 1-3/4” Titanium plated Bi-Matel Wood Plastic and Metal Saw Blades 
2 PCS 2-5/8” Wood and Plastic Saw Blades 
2 PCS 3-1/2” Wood and Plastic Saw Blades 
1 PCS 3/8” Wood and Plastic Saw Blades 
1 PCS 3/4” Wood and Plastic Saw Blades 
1 PCS 2” Strainless Steel Saw Blades 
2 PCS C-clip Adapters
Quick release connection



1. A complete selection of blades at a more cost-effective price: This set has 35 parts, including 9 different oscillating saw blades. This is suitable for many cutting jobs, helping you efficiently complete a variety of different work. The large number of multitool blades allows you do to do more jobs. This kit will be your right-hand man.
2. Efficiency: The innovative design and wide selection of sawtooth sizes and shapes make all types of cutting efficient and ensure that your hands are comfortable when using the oscillating multi tool.
3. Durability: This multi tool blades kits is made of high-quality, thick gauge, high carbon steels, bi-meta steels and titanium bi-meta steels, which have been processed using a special technology to ensure excellent wear resistance and long service life for each oscillating tool blade.
4. Compatibility: With a universal interface system, it is perfectly compatible with more than 95% of the oscillating tools on the market.
5. The most professional customer service: We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to send us a message. Likewise, if there are any problems after the purchase, please feel free to contact us. We will serve you immediately.

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