10 PCS Titanium Oscillating Multitool Blades Oscillating Multi Tool Saw Blades for Nails Wood Plastic and Hard Material

Set including
 * 10 PCS 1-3/8” Titanium plated Bi-Matel saw blades
Quick release connection

*Titanium coating
Titanium coating makes the saw blades especially wear-resistant in harder metals, e.g.nails or bolts,it can also fast cut thick soft metal speedy, such as brass, aluminum, also easy work for wood working.
*Strong Solder Joints
Our oscillating saw blades are welded by laser, so the weld is not easy to break, thus increasing the service life.
*Exquisite Craftsmanship
The saw blade is cast from high-quality materials to improve product durability. High temperature quenching is used to strengthen the saw blade.
*C-Clip Adapter
This kit includes an adapter. If the blade is loose when installing it, please use it with it.


The new bi-metal plunge-cutting oscillating multitool saw blades with titanium coated teeth have excellent balance of lifetime and cutting speed. The titanium strip makes the saw blades extremely wear-resistant in demanding metal applications, e.g. screws, nails or bolts. With titanium coated teeth, the oscillating multitool saw blades can cut thick soft metal fast, such as brass and aluminum, and work easily for woodworking. Over 2x lifetime longer than the normal bi-metal blade in challenging metal applications.

Cutting sheet metal, nails, and bolts.
Cutting recesses in epoxy/plastic.
Cutting a recess in wood, and furniture components.

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