6mm 1/4 Inch Dry Diamond Hole Saw Vacuum Brazed Core Drilling Bits for Porcelain Ceramic Tile Marble Brick

Machine: Angle Grinder.
Diameter: 6mm
Thread: 5/8-11 or M14 connection
Total height: 62MM
Max working depth: 35mm
Diamond height: 10MM
Application: Dry/wet drilling for porcelain tile marble stone masonry brick normal stone.
Feature: High quality Diamond Grain provide fast and smooth drilling.


1.Wax for Cooling
The inside of the drill bit is filled with dense cooling wax for cooling the diamond bits to prolonger the life of drill bits.
2.Vacuum Brazed Tech.
Vacuum Brazed technology makes the diamond grains permanently brazed to the edge of steel core,creating an unbreakable and heat resistant segments.
3.High Quality Diamond
High quality Diamond Grain provide fast and smooth drilling, also ensure longer workable life.
Drilling Porcelain/Tile/Marble/Brick/Stones/Granite/Masonry/all similar not recommend for the material behind the tilear materials.

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