China Cheap 100 125 180mm Resin Bond Diamond Hand Polishing Pads for Granite, Marble, Stones, Quartz

7pcs/set Diamond Flexible Stone Polishing Pads.

Material Resin+Diamond
Diameter 4″(100mm)
Grit Levels #50#100#200#400#800#1500#3000 (7pcs/set)
Workable Thickness 2mm
Suitable for For Polishing Terrazzo/Concrete/Engineered Stone/Porcelain/Quartz
Polishing Method Dry or Wet Polishing
Polishing Performance Flexible and smooth polishing. Fast polishing without scrach.
Working Life Longer than traditional pads
Versatility Suitable for coarse to fine polishing
Maximum Speed 4500RPM
Market USA,Europ,Australia,New Zealand etc.


Summary: 4/5/7 inch wet/dry diamond polishing pads is a excellent polishing tools used on stone products polishing. It greatly helps to polish the surface of stone smoothly.
Function: Widely suit to all kinds of different granite marble stone products, removing scratches and smoothing out irregular surfaces.

1. fast speed,save polishing time.
2. good flexibility and high sharpness.
3. high efficiency and excellent finishing.
4. high quality diamond material.
5. bright colors and beautiful appearance.
6. Special for different granite marble stone products.
7. Incredible polish performance.

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