100 115 125 mm ultra thin glass cutting blade grinding disc diamond saw blade

Diameter: There are 3 sizes, included 4″/105mm,4.5″/115mm,5″/125mm, 6″/150mm, you choose as you needs.
Thickness: 1-1.2mmMM
Diamond height :15mm
Arbor Size:20/22.23mm
Scope of application: For smooth cutting, chamfering and grinding of glass, jade, crystal, wine bottle, ceramics, ceramic tiles and other materials.


1.Fast and accurate cutting, The diamond cutting blade is resistant to high temperature, which can reduce vibration and cut straighter and faster. It is sharp and will not collapse. It is multi-purpose, with the small incision and is resistant to cutting and wear.
2.Easy to use, Designed for 100 angle grinder, it is easy to install and use, and can withstand the requirements of dry / wet cutting and long-time continuous cutting.
3.Advanced materials,It adopts diamond high manganese steel matrix, new brazing process, upgraded and improved blade, which is more convenient, safe and has a longer service life.

4.Chip free cutting, The 1mm ultra-thin saw blade does not damage the surface of the object, with uniform grinding force and good flatness. Low grinding noise, less dust, less debris, cutting first-class!

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