General Purpose Laser Welded Cutting Disc Diamond Saw Blade Disk for Granite Marble Stones Concrete Cutting

Brand Name Johnson Tools
Product Name General Purpose Laser Welded Cutting Disc
Blade Diameter 115-2000mm
Arbor Size 20/22.23/25.4/60mm
Process Type Laser welded
Application Stone/Granite/Marble/Green Concrete/Concrete/Asphalt
MOQ 5pcs
Segment type Normal
Color as your request
Service After-sale Service
Package White paper box


Laser welded diamond blades will tend to have a longer life and cut faster than sintered diamond blades. Laser welded diamond blade is used in construction industry mainly, especially in concrete cutting. It can avoid segment dropping effectively. Some concrete contains steel bars, the temperature of diamond segments goes up quickly when cutting the steel bars in concrete, sintered saw blades and high frequency welding blades segments may drop. it is very dangerous to the operators.

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