4inch Super Thin Turbo Mesh Rim Diamond Porcelain Saw Blade for Cutting Porcelain Tile Granite Marbles

Outer Diameter(mm): 105mm(4inch)/115mm(4.5inch)/125mm(5inch)/150mm(6inch)/180mm(7inch)/200mm(8inch)/250mm(10inch)
Segment Height: 10 mm
Core Thickness(mm): 1.2 mm -2.0mm
Abor: 7/8″-5/8″ (22.23 mm-15.88 mm)With Reducer Washer
Blade Material: Diamond Segment+High-Strength Steel
Cutting Way: Wet or Dry Cutting,Wet Cuts will Prolong Life
Application: Granite,Marble,Porcelain Tile,Ceramic Tile.


1.Super thin turbo mesh rim diamond blade provide fast, precise, smooth and chip-free cutting experience for you.
2.Thicker center to avoid vibrations and wobbling.
3.High Performance diamond matrix provides long life and enhanced material removal.

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