OD82mm Reinforced Concrete Diamond Turbo Segments Hole Saw concrete diamond core drill bits

Attribute Description
Usage Dry Use
Processing Technology Laser Welded
Applications Concrete / Reinforced Concrete
Segment specification 24x4x10mm
Segment number 4 nos
Segment Type Turbo Segment
Customizable Size Available in various sizes, can be customized to meet specific requirements


This type of drill bit is commonly used for dry drilling holes on concrete surfaces. It features a specialized design and cutting edge that allows for fast and efficient penetration through concrete materials. The concrete diamond core drill bit utilizes high-quality diamond particles as cutting tools, offering excellent wear resistance and high hardness to ensure a long lifespan and exceptional drilling performance. Its blade employs diamond embedding technology, enabling quick cutting on highly resistant concrete surfaces while maintaining stability and accuracy.

Diamond Drill Bit for Concrete, a highly effective tool designed for dry drilling holes in concrete surfaces. This advanced drill bit combines the power of diamond cutting technology with precision engineering, making it ideal for concrete cutting applications. Whether you need to drill into a concrete slab or create precise holes in various concrete structures, our diamond core drill bit for concrete is the perfect choice.

With its durable construction and embedded diamond particles, this drill bit offers exceptional performance and longevity. It effortlessly cuts through tough concrete materials, allowing you to achieve clean and accurate results every time. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, our concrete cutting hole saw is a reliable companion for your drilling tasks.

Designed for dry drilling, this diamond drill bit ensures efficient and hassle-free operation. Its specialized design and cutting edge provide optimal drilling speed and stability, allowing you to penetrate concrete slabs with ease. No matter the size or complexity of your project, our diamond core drill bit for concrete will help you achieve precise and professional results.

Experience the versatility and reliability of our diamond drill bit for concrete. Whether you’re working on construction projects, renovating your home, or undertaking any concrete drilling task, trust our high-quality drill bit to deliver outstanding performance. Choose our diamond core drill bit for concrete and elevate your drilling experience to new heights.

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