Diamond Countersink Beveling Chamfer Drill Bit for Hole Enlarging Trimming with 3/8″ Hex Shank

2-38mm, 2-50mm, 20-48mm, 3-75mm, 35-75mm
5/8″-11 Female Thread, M14 Thread
5/8″-11 Thread x 3/8″ Hex Shank
Heavy Vacuum Brazed Diamond Coating
Used for
Useful to reduce the risk of cracking with standard and large format tiles subjected to tension
Useful to improve the edge finishing of exposed holes.
Application Machine
Can be fixed on Angle Grinder, Hand or Electric Drill.
Dry or Wet Bevel Ease chamfers and stress relieves rough holes in ceramic,porcelain tiles,Marble Granite,Glass



1.Must Have Tile Tool: This Diamond Chamfer Bit designed to Bevel, Enlarge Holes, Trim, Shape, Smoot Rough Cutting Surfaces in Porcelain, Hard Ceramic Tiles, Granite, Quartz and Marble Countertop, etc. And also suitable to easily shape side indentation required to pipes or electric wires.
2.Multi-Functional: The Diamond Cone Countersink Drill Bit equals a bunch of different sizes core bits; with one core bit to start a hole, this bit can enlarge the hole into any size between 0 to 2inch (0~50mm)
3.Fit Angle Grinders and Electric Drills: The Diamond Chamfer Bit built with 5/8 -11 Thread for most Angle Grinders, and package also includes a 3/8″ Hex Shank Adapter for most electric drills
4.High Quality Diamond: Our heavy-coated premium diamond with vacuum brazed technology will provide a fast cut rate and ensure more effective cleaning and can grind wet or dry, no chips, scratches or bumps, works perfectly in beveling holes.

This is not a core bit for drilling. It doesn’t make holes but it bevels the hole cleaning and reinforcing the borders when the borders are chipped or need to be clean.
We have more professional diamond and sanding tools, you can contact us if you need.

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