14 inch Diamond Laser Welded Circular Saw Blade Cutting Disc for Asphalt, Concrete/Asphalt, Green concrete

14″(350mm) Laser welded Diamond Saw Blade designed for asphalt, asphalt overlay and other abrasives material cutting with high efficiency. Wet and dry cutting for construction, highway, building, highway, road work, as well as driveways, parking lots, pavement.

Diameter: 350mm
Segment thickness: 3.2mm
Segment height: 10/12/15mm
Inner hole: 25.4mm or as your request
Cutting Material: Asphalt
Manufacturing time: Around 20days
MOQ: 10pcs


1. High sharpness and long cutting life from high quality diamond and other raw materials.
2. 100% Laser welding.
3. Different quality to choose
4. Main market: Poland, Australia, USA, South Africa, Malaysia, Denmark, Iceland, Netherland etc.

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