Laser Welded 12 inch Diamond Tools Segment Concrete Cutting Disc Saw Blade for circular saw, angle grinder

Specification Value
Blade Diameter  12 inches (300 mm)
Arbor Size 1 inch (25.4 mm)
Segment Height Varies (typically 10 mm, 12 mm, or 15 mm)
Segment Type Continuous rim or segmented
Application Concrete, masonry, and similar materials
Compatibility Circular saws or concrete saws with a 1-inch arbor
Cutting Method Dry or wet cutting
Diamond Quality High-quality diamonds
Construction Laser welded segments
Usage Professional contractors, construction sites, concrete cutting applications
Safety Precautions Follow safety guidelines, wear appropriate protective gear


1. This saw blades are available in various sizes for concrete asphalt, and reinforced concrete, customized service is available.
2. Fast cutting &long life & Stable performance, High grade of diamonds.
3. Various protection segments prevent abrasive materials from wearing and tearing steel core.

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