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Vacuum brazed
Grinding Shaping Stone
Grit size
As your requirement
Diamond, Metal
Flat, Dish, Bowl, can be customized
Dry/wet grinding for granite, stone, concrete
vacuum brazed
Applicable Machine
CNC Milling Machine


Diamond mounted points and diamond burrs with a large variety of specifications are extensively used for sculpturing, dressing, precision grinding and internal grinding carbide, ceramic, stone, etc.
All sizes, shapes, assortments are upon client’s specific request. Kit assortments of mounted points or burs are flexible.

1. Vacuum Brazed Engraving Bits designed for edge details grinding and engraving application;
2. For use in soft stones and granites, water use suggested in granite and hard stones;
3. Standard shank of a variety of shapes and sizes for different details works and edge profiles;
4. Vacuum Brazed Anchor Bits for bowl-hole mounting systems available in our standard product list;
5. Special shapes and sizes available upon request.

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