4 1/2 inch Double Row Diamond Cup Grinding wheels

Parameter Value
Base Material 65Mn
Blade Material Copper iron tin manganese nickel, diamond particles
Outer Diameter 115mm (18 segments), 125mm (20 segments), 180mm (28 segments)
Weight 365g (115mm), 430g (125mm), 770g (180mm)
Package Included 1 x Diamond grinding disc
Design Double-Row with 18 diamond segments
Arbor Size 7/8″
Steel Body Thickness 3mm
Workable Thickness 4.5mm
Diamond Grit 40-50
Suitable for Concrete, Masonry, Granite, Marble, Brick
Performance Aggressive and fast material removal
Cutting Performance Stable cutting performance and good finishing at a lower cost
Application Grinding concrete, masonry, granite, marble, brick
Compatibility Suitable for 7/8″ arbor angle grinders


High-quality 4 1/2 concrete grinding wheel, specifically designed for efficient and precise grinding of concrete surfaces. With a diameter of 115mm, this stone grinding disc offers exceptional performance and durability. It is suitable for both wet and dry grinding applications, providing versatility in various working conditions.

Featuring a 115mm diamond grinding cup wheel, this tool is engineered to deliver superior grinding results on concrete and other stone materials. The diamond particles embedded in the disc ensure fast and efficient material removal, allowing for smooth and professional finishes.

The wet grinding wheel design enables effective cooling during operation, reducing heat buildup and prolonging the lifespan of the disc. Its optimized design minimizes vibrations, providing enhanced control and stability during grinding tasks.

Can be used on most angle grinder or grinder machine
Application for concrete, Brick,hard stone granite, marble ect.
High Quality industry diamond Grain were used to improve the performance both on efficiency and working life
Double row design and 40/50 grits provide good finishing
Dry or wet Grinding cutting
Other availabe size: 4″/105MM, 4.5″/115MM , 5″/125MM, 7″/180MM

Please wear all applicable safety gear when using these discs (eyes/ears/face/hands/body/etc).

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