115mm Hot Pressed sintered Turbo segment Diamond Granite Cutting Blades for Stone


Product Attribute Description
Diameter 4.5 inch (115mm)
Segment Thickness 2.2mm
Segment Type Turbo Segment
Available Segment Types Normal Segment, Continuous Rim Segment, X Mesh Turbo Segment
Application Cutting marble, granite, natural and artificial stone, concrete, reinforced concrete, building materials, bricks, drywall
Features Fast cutting, no chipping, suitable for wet cutting, versatile for various materials including marble, granite, stone, and concrete
Compatibility Angle grinders
Construction Hot Pressed Sintered
Blade Quality Diamond-infused segments for durability and cutting speed
Usage Suitable for precise and efficient cutting of granite and other stone materials
Size Options Available in various diameters: 4.5-inch to 14-inch
Packaging Common packaging or as per customer requirement
Manufacturing Time Around 7-30 days
Minimum Order Quantity 10 pieces (formal order)


4.5-inch Hot Pressed Sintered Turbo Segment Granite Cutting Blades are specifically designed for efficient cutting of granite and other stone materials. With their turbo segment design and hot-pressed sintered construction, these blades deliver fast and precise cutting performance.

These cutting discs are 115mm in diameter, making them suitable for use with angle grinders. They are engineered to provide clean and accurate cuts on various stone surfaces. The diamond-infused segments ensure long-lasting durability and exceptional cutting speed.

Whether you are a professional stone fabricator or a DIY enthusiast, our 115mm granite cutting blades are a reliable choice. They offer excellent performance and versatility, allowing you to tackle a wide range of stone cutting projects with ease.

Equipped with a turbo segment design, these blades provide efficient debris removal, reducing heat buildup and ensuring a smooth cutting experience. The hot-pressed sintered construction enhances the blade’s overall strength and durability, extending its lifespan for prolonged use.

When it comes to cutting granite and other stone materials, our 4.5-inch sintered turbo segment granite cutting blades are the best choice. Experience fast, precise, and reliable cutting performance for your stone cutting needs.

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