120mm Floor Heating Laser Welded Diamond Tuck Point Saw Cutter Blade for Mortar Removal Grout Repair

Type Segment size
Segment teeth Steel disc Thickness Center hole
OD120mm tuck point blades 16/17x10mm 12 6mm 22.23mm
OD125mm tuck point blades 16/17x12mm 12 6mm 22.23mm
OD130mm tuck point blades 16/17x12mm 12 6mm 22.23mm
OD160mm tuck point blades 16/17x12mm 16 6mm 22.23mm

Applications: Abrasive material, concrete, soft concrete, hard concrete
Features: High welding strength, thick segment, heavy duty


Our concrete tuck point blade is sharp, durable and high-efficient as we use high-grade industrial diamonds and high-quality metal powders as raw materials, which ensures the sharpness and lifespan of our diamond segments.

And our factory has a series strict quality control system. These concrete tuck point blades can be designed for cutting granite, marble, ceramic, bricks, asphalt, concrete, reinforced concrete and other natural stones.

1) All with Laser welded, High welding strength. Steel discs adopt the largest steel disc factory in China, High strength diamond powder ensure the high quality.
2) Formula differ Five types: No.1 Medium Hard Concrete. No.2 Hard Concrete, No.3 Extra Hard Concrete. No.4 Soft abrasive concrete. No.5 High abrasive concrete.
3) Color of Five types: No.1: Black. No.2: Orange. No.3: White. No.4: Yellow. No.5: Green
4) EXW Nanjing price. Delivery time: 25-35days.
5) Sample Order Quantity: 10pcs per item. Formal Order Quantity: 50pcs each item

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