6-180mm Wet/Dry Use Brazed Diamond Core Drill Bit Glass Tile Porcelain Ceramic Drilling Bits

Outer Diameter
Total Length
About 62mm
Working Length
Shank Type
Hex shank, We can also provide M14 Thread, 5/8″-11, Round Shank, Hex Quick release shank.

This Hex Straight Shank  drill bit set suits for angle grinder. Longer working life, fast and smooth drilling.


1. The diamond hole saw drill bit set can be used both dry and wet, meet your various needs, recommended adding some water to prolong the service life.
2. Dry/Wet Cutting.This hole saw bit can be cut arbitrarily in wet or dry to meet various user environments. A little water will make it smoother.
3. Easy To Operate,First, keep the hole drill at a 45-degree angle, and then continue drilling at a 90-degree angle with the horizontal surface. It is easy to install and operate conveniently.

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