5″ 125mm Electroplated Diamond Saw Blades for Cutting and Grinding Marble Stone Fiberglass with M14 Flange

EP disc Diamond electroplated saw blades have single side maple leaf parts electroplated diamond coated. They usually be fixed on angle grinders, circular saws and handheld saws for cutting granite marble or stone fiberglass. We have different grit and formula for different customers, different market and different stones. We always would like to offer the best products and price for our customers.

There are 5 sizes, Diameter 4″/105mm, 4.5 inch/115mm, 5″/125mm, 7″/180mm, 9″/230mm, 5/8-11 Flange,Single side coated Diamond, used for angle grinder. The flange can be removable and reused. You can choose one size as you needed.


1. Desgined for wet or dry cutting and grinding marble granite, stone fiberglass,not recommended for hard granite
2. Electroplated technology keeps all diamond grain attached to the steel core, high diamond exposure rate provide high efficient working performance
3. Multi -purpose, can be used for cutting and grinding stones,smooth rough sides and edges
4. Dry or wet, wet use can prolong the working life.
5. Fast cutting and no chipping
6. Different formula and grit for choice
7. Different electroplated diamond parts for choice
8. Always have stock in our factory
9. Customized product is available for us

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