Diamond Grit Oscillating Blade Flush Cutting Oscillating Multi Tool Saw Blades for Grout Removal, Cleaning Mortar


3-5/9inch x 1-3/8inch (L×W)


High Carbon Steel.+ Diamond

Compatible machine

Bosch, Dewalt, Fein, Makita


This product features high-quality diamond grit that enhances its cutting power and durability. It is specifically designed for removing tile adhesive and cleaning mortar in tile grout. With densely distributed diamond grit, it effectively removes stubborn stains and mortar residue on tile surfaces. Whether it’s tile repair or mortar cleaning, this product delivers excellent results.

The oscillating multi-tool saw blade provides high cutting precision and a clean cutting effect. Its diamond grit edge is carefully designed for fast and accurate cutting, ensuring the quality of repair and cleaning work. Compared to traditional blades, the diamond grit maintains its sharpness for a longer period, thus extending its lifespan.

Furthermore, this blade incorporates an optimized waveform design, making it easier to access narrow spaces and perform smooth cutting. Whether in tile grout gaps, tight corners, or edges, it effortlessly achieves precise cuts.

The Diamond Grit Oscillating Blade Flush Cut Oscillating Multi Tool Saw Blades for Grout Removal, Cleaning Mortar is a reliable tool suitable for various repair and cleaning tasks. It provides efficient, accurate, and high-quality cutting performance for your projects.

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