6mm Hex Shank Diamond Core Drill Bit for hard porcelain tile, ceramics

Product Attribute Description
Shank Type Hexagonal
Diameter 6mm
Cutting Material Tile, Ceramic, Granite, Marble, Stone, and more
Application Tile Installations, DIY Projects, Construction
Usage Dry Drilling
Compatibility Suitable for drilling machines with hex shank


The 6mm Hex Shank Diamond Core Drill Bit is a high-quality tool designed for precision drilling in various materials such as tile, ceramic, granite, marble, and stone. With its hexagonal shank, it offers excellent stability and compatibility with a wide range of drilling machines.

Featuring a 6mm diameter, this drill bit is perfect for creating small round holes in your desired materials. Whether you’re working on intricate tile installations or detailed stone projects, this diamond core drill bit provides precise and clean results.

Made with a diamond-infused cutting edge, this drill bit offers exceptional hardness and durability. The diamond particles are securely bonded to the core through advanced welding techniques, ensuring long-lasting performance and extended tool life. This allows the drill bit to withstand the demanding requirements of core drilling without losing its sharpness or effectiveness.

The 6mm Hex Shank Diamond Core Drill Bit is specifically designed for dry drilling applications. Dry drilling eliminates the need for water or coolants, making it convenient and mess-free. The drill bit’s innovative flute design aids in efficient chip evacuation, resulting in smooth and efficient drilling.

This diamond core drill bit is suitable for various applications, including tile installations, DIY projects, and professional construction tasks. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for drilling holes in tile, ceramic, granite, marble, and stone materials.

When using the 6mm Hex Shank Diamond Core Drill Bit, it is important to maintain the appropriate drilling speed and apply consistent pressure for optimal performance. Additionally, ensuring proper cooling and lubrication during the drilling process will help prolong the life of the drill bit.

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