Angle Grinder 4 inches Diamond Stone Marble Granite Saw Blade for Cutting Ceramic Tile Brick, Masonry, Concrete

Type: Diamond saw blade
Working materials: ceramic, tile, concrete, artificial stone, paving flag, kerb
Diameter: 4″ (105 mm)
Arbor: 7/8″ (22.23 mm) with 5/8 Inch (15.88 mm) Adapter
Thickness: 0.075″ (1.9 mm)
Maximum speed: 14 500 RPM
Hot-pressed sintered blade: The grain of diamond will not become larger, the density is high and the mechanical property is good.
The product is 4″ High Performance Diamond Blade, Fast cutting speed and wide universality.
Designed for: Brick, block, concrete, masonry, stone etc.
Can be used on all types of angle grinder and marble cutter.




  • CONTINUOUS RIM BLADE has a high content of soldered diamond segment that makes its ideal for cutting ceramic & ceramic tile.
  • TURBO BLADE – diamond blade for cutting most materials including concrete, tile, stone, ceramic, paving flag, marble, granite, brick, masonry & curb.
  • SEGMENTED BLADE – diamond blade has teeth with diamond segments that allow cutting stone, marble, granite, brick, masonry & paving flag.
  • Our blades are suitable for DRY & WET CUTTING and can SELF-SHARPEN by erasing diamond grits during operation(2 or 3 cuts on silicon/abrasive stone).
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Diameter: 4 Inch (105 mm), Available in 4/4.5/5/6/7/8/9/10/12/14 inches. Arbor: 7/8 Inch with 5/8 Inch adapter, Cutting width: 2 mm/2.5 mm/2mm, Segment height: 10 mm/10mm/7mm.

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