Double Sided Diamond Cutting Grinding Wheel Disc Vacuum Brazed Shaping Saw Blade for Marble Ceramic

Diameter: There are 3 sizes, included 4″/105mm,4.5″/115mm,5″/125mm, you choose as you needs.
Thickness: 2.4-2.5MM
Diamond height :24-25mm
Thread: 5/8-11 flange
Diamond Grit: 40/50

Scope of application: Available on both sides can increase service life more effectively. Not only for grinding, but also for cutting directly.
Removable flange, double-sided use, brazing technology. Multi-function brazing saw blade,sharp and wear-resistant, can be used for
cutting and grinding ceramic tile, marble, quartz stone and other materials


Product Description:

【Money-Saving Diamond Blade】Its Versatility can save your money and time,only 1 Grinder Blade can solve all finishing.2 blades in 1.You can remove the blade and use it on the other side to use Diamonds on both sides fully.

【Vacuum Brazed Diamond Technology】More efficient than Electroplated saw blades,5 times.Diamond located on both surfaces of Grinding Blade on the cutting areas make cuts at a higher speed and be able to take full advantage of the blade in roughing jobs, since we can turn the blade over when the outer side has reached its end.

【Multiple Application】Can be used wet or dry for Tile cutting surface and tile rim polishing,beveling, incidental cutting, grinding, like cutting,surface and tile rim polishing,small cuts,rounding and shaping edges and corners of Hard Stone Materials like porcelain,ceramic,marble tile,granite,concrete.

【Wide Compatibility】They are 5/8″-11 flange, it is more popular in North America market used for angle grinder. The flange is removable, can be reused.


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