Professional 400mm Silent High Frequency Slivered Welding Marble Diamond Saw Blades Cutting Discs

Brand Johnson Tools / OEM as your request logo (Free design)
Out Diameter 400mm
Segment Size 40x3x10mm
Inner Hole 50/60mm (as your request)
Teeth Number 9nos
Material 65Mn+Diamond
Application For Cutting Marble, without chipping
Features 1) The saw blade can perfect high working performance without chip or breaking slates while cutting;
2) The saw blade has good sharpness and high efficiency at the process of cutting.


The material of the matrix is ​​65Mn. After the process is heat treated and hardened by cold drawing, the strength is higher, and it has a certain degree of toughness and plasticity. Under the same surface condition and complete hardening, the fatigue limit is equivalent to that of an alloy spring. However, the hardenability is poor, and it is mainly used for springs of smaller size, such as pressure regulating springs, force measuring springs, round and square spiral springs in general machinery or drawn into steel wires as springs on small machinery.

400mm diamond saw blade is professional for cutting marble, granite, etc. With excellent technology for steel disc, and contains higher quality diamond and suitable diamond concentration, the blade has a very good performance of faster and smoother cuts.

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