4inch to 9inch electroplated diamond saw blade

Outer Diameter: 100mm/115mm/125mm/150mm/180mm/200mm/230mm

Model Number: Single or Double sides full star.

Technology: Electroplated diamond cut blade

Flange: M14 or 5/8″-11 or center hole with 22.23mm.

Cutting Materials: Marble, Granite, Stone, Tile, etc.

Brand:  Johnson Tools / OEM as your request logo

Color: Clear color

Package: While box, Blister Box, Colored box each blade.  50pcs-200pcs/ctn based on different outer diameter.

Machinery: Angle grinder. Tile Saws, Circular Saws.




Electroplated diamond blades belong to electroplated tools, they are widely used to cutting and grinding on marble or granite. We have different type you can choose.

Our electroplated saw blades usually have center hole with 22.23mm, but we can also prepare flange for you or make flange holes on electroplated diamond saw blades, Flange with M14 or 5/8″-11.

Advantage of electroplated saw blades:
1.Competitive price,quick, smooth cutting and long life
2.Diamond grit: 30/35, 40/45, 60/80, 80/120
3.Diameter: 100mm/115mm/125mm/150mm/180mm/200mm/230mm.  Also can do larger outer diameter, such as 300mm, 350mm, etc.

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