4 inch Segmented Diamond Marble Granite Stone Cutting Saw Blade

Product Attributes Description
Blade Size 4 Inch (105 mm)
Arbor Size 7/8 Inch (22.23 mm) with 5/8 Inch (15.88 mm) Adapter
Blade Type Segmented
Material Diamond
Application Stone, Marble, Granite, Brick, Masonry, Paving Flag, Concrete & Curb
Cutting Width 0.075 Inch (1.9 mm)
Segment Height 0.394 Inch (10 mm)
Segment Type Turbo
Number of Segments 8
Cutting Speed High
Cutting Precision Excellent
Wet/Dry Cutting Suitable for both wet and dry cutting applications
Operating Time Longer operating time due to slower heat build-up during operation
Self-Sharpening Blade can self-sharpen by erasing diamond grits during operation
Durability High solidity and durability due to improved steel frame
Body Thickness 0.047 Inch (1.2 mm)
Usage Designed for use with small-sized angle grinders and handheld cutting tools


With its high-quality diamond particles and durable construction, this blade delivers exceptional performance and long-lasting sharpness. It is specifically designed for use with angle grinders and circular saws, making it versatile and convenient for various cutting applications.

Whether you need to cut granite, marble, or other stone materials, our diamond saw blades provide excellent results. They offer smooth and clean cuts, ensuring precision and accuracy in your projects. The blade’s design allows for efficient chip removal, reducing heat build-up and preventing material damage.

With its reliable cutting performance and versatility, our granite cutting blade is highly recommended for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you are working on kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, or other stone applications, this blade will help you achieve outstanding results. Trust our stone cutting discs for angle grinders and circular saws to make your cutting tasks easier and more efficient.

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